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CUMA - Contemporary Utopia Management is a non-profit contemporary art organization, aiming to activate urban and rural communities by creating contemporary art projects and acting as a mentor for art organizations and initiatives.
CUMA's two projects have been supported by BILSAR A.Ş.
August 13th-19th, 2009 Büyükhüsun, Turkey
The Meeting Point project is an international gathering. It brings together participants from different cultural backgrounds, in a rural setting around the central core of culture, art and creativity. The mobile project taking place in a different village each time, has been realized in Büyükhüsun in 2009, where it was again about creating a community, at least during the project where cross-cultural and inter-disciplinary experiences are made. It aimed to transform the village into a base for creativity through the hands-on workshops during the day, and with performances, concerts and screenings at night the village became a festival venue, for the village dwellers and project participants alike.
The project has chosen the concept of 'recycling' for Büyükhüsun, where it looked into the inherent ability of the villagers in recycling anything available in their vicinity, and their act of transforming materials into their everyday needs. We delved into the concept of recycling, attempting to remind ourselves about the values of our ancestors, found clues about a life lived in balance with nature, and interpreted these via contemporary and artistic interventionist workshops both for adults and children.
Meeting Point has brought together a number of 36 participants and contributors from Australia, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Hungary, Holland, Spain, Italy Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and residents of Büyükhüsun in its workshops and the festival.
In a weeks time art, design, local dances, local cuisine (together with the women in the village) adult workshops and body awareness, journalism childern's workshops has been realised.
The festival that lasted for seven nights, has commenced with the test of cooking skills of the Meeting Point team, where they cooked for the entire village and enjoyed the dinner together, continued with young music band Hoppa Essentials that modernizes Northern and Eastern Turkish music with western sounds, Mamapapa Banda from the Balkan region, DJ Murat Meriç with this compilation of Turkish pop music of the 60s and 70s, open-air Movie Night, starry midnight walk by Özlem Ergun and the final exhibition opening of "Büyükhüsun'da Küçük Sergi."
CUMA Ertesi ACTIVITIES NO:3 Istanbul Complaints Choir 
December 2009 - February 2010
Istanbul Complaints Choir was assembled through a public announcement, from people with no necessary knowledge or prior experience in music, but who wanted to take part in this choir. The Complaints Choir project initiated and run by Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen since 2005, realised in 22 cities before, was implemented in Istanbul with the invitation and organisation of CUMA towards the end of 2009, days before Istanbul was becoming European Capital of Culture. In the project, complaints of the inhabitants of Istanbul were collected; these were then arranged into lyrics, by Michael Ellison, an American composer living in Istanbul over a decade, who also made a composition for the lyrics. After a mere six rehearsals Istanbul Complaints Choir performed the piece for the first time at a public space on December 26th, 2009. The first performance was realised in MIAM (Centre for Advanced Studies in Music) and it was then contemplated that Galatasaray Square would be best for the second performance, however, the authorities at Beyoğlu Municipality did not find the event appropriate and therefore did not grant permission for the performance to take place at that location. Later on, the choir sang their complaints at the Underground Exit in Şişhane and at Fındıklı Park.