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Bilsar undertook the responsibility of sponsoring the venue for one of the Istanbul's leading theater groups DOT since opening to the end of 2008. The venue of Dot Theatre is positioned at the historical building Mısır Apartmanı on İstiklal Street Beyoğlu, the cultural center of Istanbul. Dot is a theatre group that stages modern performances which are strong in content and different in form.  
Bilsar has been a leading sponsor of DOT Theatre, a pioneer alternative theatre group, since the theatre's establishment.
Located in the Misir Apartment building on Istiklal Street in Beyouglu, the cultural hub of Istanbul, DOT Theatre is a theatre group that stages contemporary plays that are strong in core and of a diverse fashion.
Bilsar hosted the project 'Dotbilsarda: Vur / Yagmala / Yeniden' in its own building between October 2008 ' May 2009. Having the honor of receiving the 13th Afife Jale Award, the Dotbilsarda Project has given Istanbul a new performance center.