With roots tracing back to 1947, the Bilsar name is synonymous with a rich heritage of high quality shirt manufacturing. BiL’S STUDIO is a product of that heritage. It is a creative collective dedicated to doing one thing, and doing one thing well; making the best shirts possible.


At the beginning of 2000s, the white shirt brand Bil's was created. Created by consultant/designer Bülent Erkmen and Bilsar within the framework of "White shirt culture", Bil's has achieved an important success as the world's first white shirt brand.


As Turkey’s first life-style shopping store, Bilstore presents its customers a wide range of products selected from exclusive brands, including clothing, accessories, books, CDs, designer bikes, shoes and bags.


Founded by and named after the world-famous British tennis player Fred Perry, the brand first entered the Turkish market with Bilsar in 2007. Combining street style with sporty elegance, Fred Perry is a brand that integrates originality, history and style.


Dr. Martens, which has become one of the most iconic brands of UK over the last century, has taken its first steps into Turkey with Bilsar in 2016. Through the years, the brand has become the biggest symbol of individual expression and one of the biggest elements shaping the style of the youth culture.

Bilsar 2018